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  1. What an amazing experience Lance, your family and friends are so very proud of you. Congratulations on this monumental life event, very few people are ever called an Olympian. Once an Olympian, Always an Olympian!

  2. Hey, Lance . . . I know you didn’t get that big throw you were looking for in the Monday prelims. But you still reached the Olympics, which is something only a select number of athletes can say they’ve accomplished. I also know your training and throwing doesn’t stop now, with some upcoming meets in Europe, etc. Hopefully this is just the beginning and you’ll be competing in Rio in 2016!

  3. Chin up Brooksie!!!! You are an OLYMPIAN!!!! And We are soooo
    proud of you….Praying GOD gives you guidance on what to do in the future. . . He has had a plan for you from your birth. . . Love You and wish you safe travels home. . .

  4. Lance….So many athletes would have given anything to have made it to London…you have had the olympic experience !!!! How cool !!! Congradulations on all your positive accomplishments…they were earned from hard work and perserverence. Best of Everything….Gary and Carol Sedlock just down the road…in Kincaid, Illinois.

  5. Lance, I knew you when you and your dad were doing all that work at Lincoln Memorial Garden. I really enjoyed knowing you were in London and I think you represented USA well. You are an Olympian. You’re the closest I’ve ever gotten to the Olympics. Have fun with your folks.

  6. Lance for me the discus is true Olympics and you are there. Congrats and keep throwing from the heart. Tell. Dad hi, Gene.

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