Best day yet!!

Hello all,

Today was one of my best days traing!!  I was somewhat worried because of a minor tweak I did in the weight room yesterday.  But our amazing medical staff that is here for us fixed me up perfectly for my training session!

Took 8-10 throws and each one got better and better as my session went on! It was a huge confidence booster and it made me understand how great I could actually do this coming Monday and Tuesday!!  My coach and I have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours in training and it is paying off right now, the perfect time when everything is supposed to come together.

This is what we as athletes live for!!!

Sunday I will have a short quick lift to wake up the body to get ready for Monday morning at 10am Londaon time.

It’s getting really exciting around here and I can’t wait to get out there and give it my all!!


10 thoughts on “Best day yet!!

  1. Great time to be building confidence!!! Good luck from the Mt. Zion, IL track team. We are following you and rooting you on.

  2. Glad to hear you’re peaking at the right time!

    Keep your legs up, your head in the game and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Don’t wait for Last Chance Lance to show up! Do it Early, Do it Well~! 66.28 Please!

  3. Signs up to support you all over town. Supporting you !00%. Hope Mom and Dad made it ok and enjoyning themselves. Your event will be seen here at 2:30 am. Setting the alarm! Go Lance Go! USA! Love u lots!

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