Chocolate factory tour!!

Today we had the luxury of touring the Cadbury chocolate factory, and for a person that doesn’t eat much chocolate that stuff was Goooood!!

Training today at 3:30, getting some good throws in at Alexander stadium!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate factory tour!!

  1. Hi Lance, glad you are having a great time. Absolutely unbelievable fan group over here, Springfield & New Berlin, all of Illinois, Denver, and other parts of Colorado, Albuquerque too. I will be watching for you in the opening ceremony tomorrow. Have fun!

  2. Hi Lance, I’m a friend of your Aunt Jan’s and knew your Uncle Phil in high school. I live in the Chicago area (grew up in Springfield), but I’m in Eugene, OR, scouting out venues for a meeting. I toured the athletic facilities at the university today and saw the field where you qualified. Congratulations! Enjoy every second!

  3. You had me at Cadbury chocolate factory! Another friend and classmate of your Aunt Jan’s here. I’m in CO too and wish you all the best of luck! Have fun and do your thang!

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