Back to work!

Well it’s true, I have been back at work for almost two weeks now.

Working on finding that full time career that will allow me to train as well.  Hopefully in the next two weeks I will have something that is more of a career, something I can retire on and count on being there for another 30 years.



New Berlins homecoming parade is September 16th and I will be there!!!  Can’t wait to see everyone!!!

Best day yet!!

Hello all,

Today was one of my best days traing!!  I was somewhat worried because of a minor tweak I did in the weight room yesterday.  But our amazing medical staff that is here for us fixed me up perfectly for my training session!

Took 8-10 throws and each one got better and better as my session went on! It was a huge confidence booster and it made me understand how great I could actually do this coming Monday and Tuesday!!  My coach and I have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours in training and it is paying off right now, the perfect time when everything is supposed to come together.

This is what we as athletes live for!!!

Sunday I will have a short quick lift to wake up the body to get ready for Monday morning at 10am Londaon time.

It’s getting really exciting around here and I can’t wait to get out there and give it my all!!


Getting Closer!!!

As the days, hours, and minutes are being counted down the traing and preparation that I have done the last year and even the last 4 years has been a big part as to why things are so easy right now!  Yes it is the Olympic games and it’s a very critical time right now, but I feel more than ready to represent our country (USA) and make my friends and family proud!!

Today was a great confidence booster!!!! You live for days like today!!!

I had a great workout today then took 6 throws and they felt on point and easy!! Thursday I will take 10-15 throws and that’s about it… An easy 45min day which is nice beings I have lots to do when I get back to the village from the track.  Friday I will lift somewhat heavy Saturday light drills and a few throws.  From here on out its rather easy clock work!  All the work has already been done so if I don’t have it by ow its kinda late!