Sunday schedule

Well today is a much needed rest day for me!!

Got up this morning and got a hair cut then went and got my body worked on to keep it in top shape!  Did a little organizing of the room because we have stuff everywhere!  Hopefully it will not cost an arm and a leg to ship home!  The rest of my day consists of laying in my bed here in the village and keeping my feet up!

Tomorrow (Monday) I will lift but not super heavy probably getting on the 3:30 bus over to the track!

Meet results

I threw fairly good…  62.97m (206′)

After setting two personal bests in the weight room then going to opening ceremony and standing and walking for almost 5 hours I think it was a somewhat good day throwing.

We got to compete against a few other athletes that we will see in the games so it was good to get in competition mode one last time before the Olympic Qualifing round on August 6th at 10am.

Opening Ceremonies tonight!!

So today was very productive!!

Got up a little late this morning but I made it to the bus to get my training in, was kinda worried that it wasn’t going to be a good training session but it turned out to be one of my best yet!!  Took about 6 throws then went to the weight room and set two PR’s one in back squat and the other in clean high pulls.  With that said tomorrows meet in north London should be fairly good!

Tonight is the night for the opening ceremony that I will be walking in, gotta start getting ready so turn on your TV and hopefully you will get to see me!!

Athlete Village Thursday July 26th

Well we are finally here at the athlete village here in London.
It was just over a 3 hour bus ride beings we got lost a few times, but we made it. Got all of our bags and gear and I don’t have room for it all in our rooms….not the worst problem to have.
Not traing today but tomorrow I will take a few throws and then get a quick lift in. I am competing in a meet out here somewhere close to London this Saturday, so we will see where I am and what I need to fix before the big day on August 6th!!
Stay tuned for daily updates on what I’m doing!!

Chocolate factory tour!!

Today we had the luxury of touring the Cadbury chocolate factory, and for a person that doesn’t eat much chocolate that stuff was Goooood!!

Training today at 3:30, getting some good throws in at Alexander stadium!