Lance Brooks discus throw at Millikin University

As a professional athlete I strive to better myself everyday in one aspect of life, either professionally or mentally. As the 2013 season came to an end, I ranked 36th in the world and 1st in the U.S.A. I am starting my 2014 season with a different mentality. I have learned a lot over the last several years; now its time to train like a world champion in order to better my position. Looking ahead, U.S.A nationals and the continental cup are the big meets for this fast approaching season. I am Looking forward to another great year with your support.

Many thanks go out to my loving family, friends and fans for their great help and support through the tough times and the good times. Great achievements are yet to come!

Lance Brooks — Discus Thrower

Current Ranking*

USA: Number 1

World: Number 34

* As of June 28, 2012